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 Nero Æ AS / Victory $145.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: RIC I 312 Rome mint
Date: 65 AD
Obverse: NERO CAESAR AVG GERM IMP; Laureate head of Nero right
Reverse: S-C; Victory advancing left, holding shield inscribed SPQR
Size: 28.81 mm
Weight: 9.42 grams
Rarity: 5
Description: nearing VF. ex Jonathan Kern with tag

 Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt. Ptolemy IV 38 / Eagle $115.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: SNG Copenhagen 224; Svoronos 974
Date: 221-205 BC
Obverse: Head of Zeus Ammon right
Reverse: Eagle standing left, head right, cornucopia on wing
Size: 38.81mm
Weight: 41.15 grams
Rarity: 5
Description: good Fine+.

 Genuine Widow's Mite of the Bible $70.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: Hendin⁵ 1153, Hendin⁴ 470
Date: 103-76 BC
Obverse: Star of eight rays
Reverse: Anchor
Size: 16.54 mm
Weight: 1.73 grams
Rarity: 5
Description: A genuine 2000+ year old Jewish bronze coin of the type used by Jesus as an illustration of the way God looks at giving as recorded in the gospels of Luke and Mark chapters 21 and 12 respectivly. Jesus observed a very poor widow placing two of these tiny coins into the temple treasury and said that she actually gave MORE than all of the other givers combined. The rich people poured in vast amounts of wealth to be seen and applauded my observers. Jesus stated that while the rich gave only a tiny portion from their vast wealth she gave all she had to live on and trusted God for her provision. Jesus was teaching that God measures giving not by the amount but by the intentions.

 Byzantine Empire. Anonymous Class G Follis $35.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: Sear Byzantine 1867 Constantinople mint
Date: 1068-1071 AD
Obverse: Nimbate bust of Christ facing, right hand raised in blessing, holding scroll in left hand
Reverse: Nimbate bust of the Virgin facing, orans
Size: 27.38mm
Weight: 6.33 grams
Rarity: 5
Description: near VF

 Diocletian Post-reform Radiate $85.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: RIC VI 306 Antioch
Date: 295-296 AD
Obverse: IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS AVG, radiate bust right
Reverse: CONCORDIA MILITVM (With the Agreement of the Army), emperor receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter, A below, XXI in exergue
Size: 21.85mm
Weight: 3.09 grams
Rarity: 5
Description: choice EF with area of flat striking.

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