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 Great Britain. George III. Evasion Æ Halfpenny $95.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: Atkins --; O'Brien --; cf. Charlton BL-37; Unpunblished?
Date: ND; 1770's-1790's
Obverse: GLORIUVS III VIS, imitative bust right
Reverse: BRITIT, Britannia seated left on globe
Size: mm
Weight: grams
Rarity: 6
Description: From the Notre Dame Blacksmith token page: The obverse has a bust right laureate portrait described as having a 'pug' nose. The legend was transcribed as GLORIOVS in the Charlton catalogue, but from this example it is clear that the thin line on the right side of the letter taken to be a second O is actually a U. The reverse shows a portion of a legend and displays a seated Britannia facing left, holding what appears to be a shamrock. Although Britannia faces left on regal issues, all other Blacksmiths have Britannia face right. In fact, the only other left facing reverse is on the Blacksmith imitation of the Tiffen Tokens (BL-32 and BL-33, the second is Wood 21) which show Justice facing left. The reverse legend is listed as BITIT in the Charlton Catalogue, however on this example the second letter, thought to be an I has some characteristics of an R. What would be the bottom of the bow of an R is visible and the bottom of the letter has a serif (unlike the other stroke considered to be an I). The third and fifth vertical strokes have serifs and are taken to be T while the unverified stroke between them is taken to be the bottom of an I. It is interesting to observe the two letters on the obverse taken to be I have serifs! In the Charlton catalog this piece is called a "BITIT token" as that is how they read the reverse legend. The Charlton number is BL-37 where it is listed with a weight range of 5.6 to 6.1 grams and a diameter range of 26.5 to 26.8 mm."

 Otacilia Severa Æ Sestertius / Concordia $165.00 
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Attribution: RIC IV 203a Rome
Date: 246 AD
Obverse: MARCIA OTACIL SEVERA AVG, Draped bust right, wearing stephane
Reverse: CONCORDIA AVGG S C, Concordia seated left holding patera and cornucopia
Size: 32.21mm
Weight: 17.78 grams
Rarity: 5
Description: EF portrait with bold green patina. A few reverse scratches.

 109-108 BC - Roman Republic. L. Flaminius Chilo AR Denarius / Victory in Biga $80.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: Crawford 302/1; Flaminia 1; Sydenham 540
Date: 109-108 BC
Obverse: Head of Roma right, wearing winged helmet, ROMA behind, X (mark of value) below chin
Reverse: Victory driving biga right, and holding wreath, L•FLAMINIVS below horses, CILO in exergue
Size: 18.17mm
Weight: 3.80 grams
Rarity: 5
Description: nearing VF.

 Trajan Decius. Cilicia, Tarsos Æ30 / Nike $55.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: RPC IX 1366; SNG France 1768
Date: 249-251 AD
Obverse: Laureate draped cuirassed bust of Tajan Decius right
Reverse: Nike standing left on globe, holding wreath and palm branch
Size: 30.05 mm
Weight: 18.22 grams
Rarity: 6
Description: good Fine

 Ireland. Wicklow. Cronebane. Irish Miners Arms Æ Halfpenny Conder Token $45.00 
enlarge/contact me about this item
Attribution: D & H 37
Date: ND
Obverse: CRONEBANE HALFPENNY, bishop’s head right
Reverse: ASSOCIATED IRISH MINERS ARMS, Around shield of arms
Rarity: 5
Description: VF with light roughness. Edge reads: PAYABLE AT DUBLIN CORK OR BELFAST

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